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Indika AI delivers exceptional quality audio transcription services powering deployment of AI Models.
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What is Audio Transcription Services?

Audio transcription is the process of making sound and speech recognizable to applications such as chatbots and virtual assistant devices, using Machine Learning models. 

Audio transcription models form the backbone of many applications that aims to mimic or augment human interaction. 

Indika AI’s audio transcription specialists transform audio datasets into text that can be personalized to the point where an end-user may believe that they are communicating with a human on the other end.

Types of Audio Transcription Services

Indika’s experts convert audio material into text and organize the information into formats that machines, and computers can understand. The text data can then be labelled to cater to a client’s project needs, and tasks including Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Entity Classification, Sentiment and Topic Analysis, and Intent And Conversation Analysis are performed. 

Indika’s team works with the client to calibrate their quality and throughput requirements and builds custom processes to support client needs.

Speech to Text Translation

Indika AI’s expert team can translate the speeches into text using best tools technology and human efforts.

Named Entity Recognition & Entity Classification

By identifying, classifying, and linking relevant text strings, Indika powers innovations in digital document analysis, conversational AI development, and knowledge base curation.

Sentiment and Topic Analysis

Indika AI’s audio transcription analysts identify trends and cultivate the clients’ brands using advanced sentiment and topic analysis solutions. Language specialists and domain experts interpret nuances in product reviews, financial news, and social media.

Intent and Conversation Analysis

Our experts bring the building blocks of NLU together to drive the development of next generation chatbots, digital assistants, and conversational AI products in finance, healthcare, retail, and tech media.

Work with Indika AI

We believe in partnering with your vision to ensure exceptional quality training data.

Client Introduction and Onboarding

Indika AI’s onboarding team comprising of Domain Expert and Solution Architect to connect with client to understand their requirements and arriving at the optimal solution with mutual discussion.

Free POC

Kickstarting the project with a sample batch to understand your requirements and manage expectations. This exercise helps us to assess the talent, technology and time that the project would need.

Team Formulating and Training

We form a dedicated project team having domain understanding and prior experience of working on such projects.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of people, processes, and tools. Standardizing annotation guide and developing structured milestones as well as work execution and quality audit processes.

Feedback and Evaluation

We continuously assess the quality of deliverable through appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes and feedback from client.

Building long term strategic partnership

We believe inbuilding long term strategic partnership with our clients where we can constantly add value through our exceptional quality services.