Indika AI- Content Moderation Solution for Machine Learning Model

Every day Billions of images, videos, messages, posts, and other content types are generated on the internet. All content must be reviewed regularly to avoid abusive, fake, scammy, harmful, or not business-friendly data. AI content moderation applications maintain a healthy social life. 

What is Content moderation?

The process of reviewing user-generated content and ensuring it is appropriate for public access is known as content moderation. AI can review video content, image content, and text content like customer service chat logs, social media postings, etc., on a vast platform. Ai moderators use Natural Language Processing to detect inappropriate content much faster than a human moderator and ensure it doesn’t slip under their radar.

Why content moderation?

It is mandatory to frequently screen for inappropriate or abusive text, videos, and images that post on the internet. User-generated images, video, and text content should be reviewed and monitored before posting.  Harmful information about a business can result in loss of reputation and be subject to liability issues. Therefore, content moderation is becoming a critical function of online business and must handle with care and attention.

Our Services

Faster detection of harmful content and its removal at the right time is the biggest challenge companies face. AI-powered Content Moderation Service enables online enterprises to optimize their content speedily and consistently. Indika provides various techniques to moderate your content.


Image moderation

Text classification and visual search techniques based on computer vision are used for Image moderation. These techniques detect harmful image content and then locate its position in the image by utilizing different algorithms. In Image moderation, we use image processing algorithms to identify other image regions and provide specific categorization. Moreover, If an image contains any text inside it, we use the object character recognition (OCR) technique to identify text and moderate it. These techniques can detect offensive words, objects, and body parts within all structured/unstructured data types. After acceptable moderation content is ready to be published, the inappropriate content is manual moderation.

Video moderation

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms are required to moderate the video content. Compared with Image moderation, where the non-suited content is immediately apparent on the surface, video moderation requires more time and concentration to watch the video in its entirety and then review it frame by frame. In addition, the audio and visual content need review entirely for appropriateness.

Social Media Content Generation

With Natural language processing, text classification algorithms, it is easy to understand the intended meaning of a social media post. In addition, NLP can help gain an understanding of the emotions of a social post. Social media has become one of the best places for crime as people are free to post anything. Therefore, social content moderation is required to reduce anger, bullying, and sarcasm. Indika is providing AI-based datasets to analyze the posts and perform predictions about the appropriateness of the text.


Media-based Machine Learning techniques 

AI uses a variety of ML techniques to make content predictions depending on the type of data.

Image and Video

  • Object detection: In images and videos, the Image analysis can identify target objects that don’t meet platform standards.
  • Prediction: Machines are learning to understand the context of what’s happening in a picture, driving accurate and reliable decision-making.


  • Natural language processing (NLP): Keyword filtering technique identifies inappropriate language for removal.
  • Sentiment analysis: sentiment analysis of the social posts helps computers identify tones, such as sarcasm or anger.

Why Indika for Content Moderation?

Indika provides high-quality content moderation. Our professionals offer AI-based techniques to moderate massive amounts of data more accurately and quickly. Datasets are available in all formats and regional languages and at an affordable price.

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