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Indika, AI is a global data annotation company consisting of 100+ employees from around the world. Our mission is to solve AI challenges in a more innovative way. We continuously strive each day to provide exceptional service and a highly trained dataset for all AI models. We are humbled to say that we have and are currently working with some of the most advanced AI companies worldwide, helping them label text data from financial news, key data point extraction, sentiment annotations, and many more.  As a trusted partner to our customers, our core activities are to protect customer privacy and data, ensure on-time deliveries on all projects. We have a team of experts to tackle any tough data challenges companies might have. Indika was designed with the organization in mind to help provide intelligent solutions to the company data problem.


The digital world of data is growing exponentially, with more people using social media or mobile devices to communicate, generating a massive amount of unstructured data that the machine cannot read nor interpret. Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), text annotation can be done with less stress. Text annotation is a process by which the machine assigns meaning to pieces of text that can then derive meaning and intent as written. However, due to the diversity of human language, the machine needs to be trained to understand how people communicate.

There are three types of common text annotation services: intent analysis, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition. First, NLP is used to parse the data into different categories like phrases, sentences, and keywords depending on the customer requirement during the annotation process. Then the  NLP-generated dataset is used to train the Machine Learning model.





Advantages of Text Annotation

Text annotation has many advantages; having high-quality, trained dataset results in better accuracy prediction, which is the main goal for any  AI model.

  • Keeping track of queries and key ideas
  • Helping in better thoughts and questions formulation for deeper understanding
  • Better text understanding, analyzing, and interpreting 
  • ML models ensure better data accuracy
  • Less chance of model failure

Therefore, it is essential to provide the model with a quality dataset so the outcome will always result in higher accuracy helping readers to make inferences and draw the right conclusions about the text

Challenges Organizations face with poor data quality

Inconsistent Data

The poor data quality leads to inconsistent data which makes the information hard to analyze. The machine cannot interpret inconsistent data correctly and leads to model failure. The data is called inconsistent if it is not arranged in a proper format. For example, if the common fields are not predefined like Name (first name, last name), date of birth (US/UK style), or phone number (with or without country code)  are not saved in the exact same format.  

Duplicate or Obsolete Data

Multiple copies of the same data produce skewed or incorrect insights when they go undetected. The reason for data duplicity can be a human error like someone simply entering the data multiple times by accident or it can be an algorithm that worked wrong.Too much data

Too much data is unethical for a model as it leads to data relevancy loss. According to Forbes’s data analytics, almost 80% of the time a data scientist spends on data preparation and correction. Data is called the soul of the Annotation service and if the data is not organized or specified to the topic then it is useless and keeps the customer out of track. 

Our Service/solution 

Indika provides various AI-based text annotation services that serve customers’ project needs. In addition, we provide free POC to discuss the project needs, understand business requirement edge cases, and the time required to complete each project. Some of our text annotations services  include:

Intent Analysis

Indika text annotation experts provide use cases of text with their intent to a machine learning (ML) model in every field, including healthcare, finance, and retail. 

Sentiment Analysis

Indika provides an advanced topic and sentiment analysis that can identify high amounts of text data trends, including social reviews, customer feedback, and financial news.

Named Entity Recognition and Entity Classification

Indika provides the best innovations in conversational AI development, knowledge base curation, and digital document analysis. 

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Our Process

At Indika, we have our team of professionals to provide text annotation for our customers’ machine learning models. The top insight of Indika’s team when evaluating Customer’s text annotation needs include:

  • Type

Whether the data is collected from scratch or just annotated, it is essential to understand client business requirements such as type of data, token-level labeling, or document-level labeling. Each requirement has to be identified for accuracy and on-time delivery of Data

  • Quantity of data and its deadline

When deciding the best text annotation strategy, the amount of data plays a significant role.  For low requirements, we choose open-source annotation tools or subscribe to self-serve platforms as a better option. However, if the customer has a fast-growing need for annotated text data in their model, it might be a better option to spend the required time for option evaluation and choose a suitable platform or service partner that could work in the long run.

  • Linguistics data/ Domain Specific data

Text data in specific languages,  for Non- English, will require language-specific annotators. Text Annotation also depends on the domain for which the customer is looking. For example, Indika AI provides data in Medical, Finance, Social Media, Legal automation, Robotics, etc. Model of a new language and new domain put more constraints on development. That is why we are here to fulfill those unique needs in a specified time.

Why choose Indika?

Indika AI is the leading text annotation firm offering supervised and unsupervised machine learning, text annotation services. At cost-effective rates.

Assured Data Security

We respect the customer’s privacy and assure confidentiality while providing data support for AI/ML models. Furthermore, our professionals maintain high standards of data security.

  • Exceptional Data Service
  • Our solution experts provide more precise and accurate data for text annotation services. 
  • Reliable Solutions
  • Indika AI’s onboarding team of accredited annotators fulfills the customer’s demands by providing highly reliable solutions faster.
  • Independent Audit                                                                                

  We have an independent audit team to look at the quality deliverables regularly.


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