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Social Media is parallel to time, as time never stops. People are free to post their personal views and opinions on social, economic, political, and various other platforms that matter to them. But does everything they post are positive? The presence of millions of users on Social platforms makes it a lucrative place for businesses to reach out to their target customers. But, who takes the safety charge of promoting your business online? The risk of defamatory and negative comments is at its peak when you allow user-generated content over your social media channels. One bad tweet can reduce the company's sales for years. So, one question always asked the Social Media Brand Manager of the company, are you prepared for the worst at any time of day? If the answer is "yes," the company needs an expert Social Media Moderator like Indika. We are a global moderation firm that partners with your brand to engage your customers and provides safe social promotions.

What is Social Media Moderation?

Social media Moderation is the process of activity management on social media platforms and review user-generated content. It prevents the posting of undesirable content on social business. For healthy interaction and activities, moderators post the guidelines and promote social wellness. Social moderation service ensures the brand user will not upload disturbing content that will negatively impact brand value. 

Need of Social Media Moderation

Millions of customers interact every day on every brand social platform and establish the best connection according to the product requirements. The brand calls to feed them with a safe and friendly environment to connect users and increase their reach. But, can you predict a random event can destroy or defame this happy atmosphere? What after that? The reputation of the brand is at high-risk; the customer starts neglecting your brand. Once you lose your brand's reputation, it would be tough to cater to new markets. In such a crisis, the only way to help you sail through is social media moderation. It helps in brand and user protection from hostile agents and creates a healthy atmosphere for the target customers.

The reasons why moderation services play a crucial role includes-

  • For the protection of brand name, reputation, and trust 
  • For avoiding the cyberbullying
  • For restricting the obscene content and moderating the user-generated content 
  • For enhancing the product sales 

Types of Social Media Moderation

Pre-Moderation – user-generated content will undergo reviews to indicate whether it is safe, appropriate, or harmless to the page's audience. Pre-screening users' posts ensure that the content will not damage the brand's repetition and prevents cyber-bullying and radicalization.

Post Moderation – Post moderation allows customers to upload the contents online on a real-time basis, and after uploading, it filters out the inappropriate content as soon as discovered that it violates the social media community's guidelines and policies.

User-only Moderation – This type of moderation relies on the users to identify whether the user-generated content is feasible or not. If the user reports several times against a post, the content will automatically be deleted. 

Our Services

Social Media Campaign Moderation

We help manage large campaigns across social platforms through image and video moderation, contest moderation, and paid ads moderation while maintaining confidentiality.

Social Listening For Market Insights

We offer valuable market insights to strengthen business campaigns and enable them to understand their customer analytics, which helps develop better products and services. In addition, it will enhance the brand narrative with a more genuine and strategic approach.

Social Media Video Moderation

Our team can handle all types of moderation for video content uploaded on the social platform. We can adhere to the guidelines and ensure the content uploaded is free of all criminal elements, which helps to protect brand value for your audience.

Social Media Text Moderation

Most of the content available on social media like comments, tweets, post descriptions is textual. Therefore, its vast task is to make the content compliant with the platform and legal guidelines. Companies can rely on us to keep their textual content compliant.

 Social Media Contest Moderation

Individuals and brands leverage social media platforms to run contests for their audience. These contests have to stick to strict guidelines set by every regional administration. We can monitor such contests and ensure they follow the rules and guidelines correctly.

Why Indika for Social Moderation?

At Indika, we rely on our well-trained social moderation team to detect and remove various unwanted or undignified content that is not suitable to post on social media. If you are dealing with moderation issues along with more critical business development aspects. Just leave all the moderation worries on Indika, and we will keep you social ready and perfect for the target customers. Indika is standing for its accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction. We always use our past feedback and experiences to model our services. The reason why customers choose us:

  •  Highly experienced human moderators
  •  Multilingual moderation in real-time
  • Community Moderation and Management
  • Complete reduction of inappropriate content
  • Very affordable services

Why wait? Are you looking for a firm that you can trust that provides high-quality and professional social media content moderation and management? Then, Indika might be the right choice for you! Send us an email or click here to schedule a meeting with our highly-skilled moderator, and let's discuss further how we can help empower your online branding and keep your audience safe.

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