Content Moderation Services

Indika AI delivers exceptional quality content moderation services to keep your platform free from any inappropriate content
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What is Content Moderation Services?

Content Moderation Services includes reviewing/ moderating the content of any type (text, images, videos, audios etc.) to ensure that the platform is free from any inappropriate content and do not violate the platform guidelines. 

Such platform would incentivise the mass audience to spend more time on the platform and also helps in building goodwill of the platform. Content Moderation becomes more essential for User generated Content on social media platforms.

Types of Content Moderation Services

Indika AI provides data driven content moderation services using best tool technology and human intelligence. Our content moderators are well trained to filter out the bad content and we have team to moderate content in all forms (text, image, videos, audios etc.) and in all major international languages with specialization in Indian regional languages. 

Image Moderation Services

Indika AI’s expert moderators recognize the unwanted contents from the suspect images like violence, porn, drug, weapon, offensive weapons, extremism, and scammers etc. We offer a highly live content moderation service using the software and human skills to make sure every content on the image is adherent to guidelines and policy of your company.

Video Moderation Services

Our expert moderators provide end-to-end content reviewing solution for videos having explicit or suggestive contents. We use advance moderation techniques to control the live-streaming videos and upload the same by reviewing the length and other norms applicable as per our guidelines.

Social Media Content Generation

Social media platforms give freedom to the users to post anything as per their state of mind. However, this freedom may often get mis utilized by some users who shares inappropriate content on platform with ill motives. 
Indika AI can help you monitor such user generated content to keep the platform free from any bad content.

Work with Indika AI

We believe in partnering with your vision to ensure exceptional quality training data.

Client Introduction and Onboarding

Indika AI’s onboarding team comprising of Domain Expert and Solution Architect to connect with client to understand their requirements and arriving at the optimal solution with mutual discussion.

Free POC

Kickstarting the project with a sample batch to understand your requirements and manage expectations. This exercise helps us to assess the talent, technology and time that the project would need.

Team Formulating and Training

We form a dedicated project team having domain understanding and prior experience of working on such projects.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of people, processes, and tools. Standardizing annotation guide and developing structured milestones as well as work execution and quality audit processes.

Feedback and Evaluation

We continuously assess the quality of deliverable through appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes and feedback from client.

Building long term strategic partnership

We believe inbuilding long term strategic partnership with our clients where we can constantly add value through our exceptional quality services.