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Indika AI delivers exceptional quality image annotation services powering deployment of AI Models.
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What is Image Annotation?

Image Annotation is the process of labelling an image, which strategically involves human-powered work and sometimes, computer-assisted help. It is an important step in creating Computer Vision models for tasks like image segmentation, image classification, and object detection. Image annotation can range from annotating every group of pixels within an image to one label for an entire image.

Types of Image Annotation Services

Indika AI provides all types of image annotation services as per the needs of the client. We work with industry standard annotation tools to ensure highest level of efficiency in our work. 

We prefer doing a free sample batch to understand your requirements and expectations, edge cases, time estimates so that we can offer you tailor made solution and best available resources.

Bounding Boxes

It is the most commonly used type of image annotation in computer vision. Indika’s Computer Vision experts use rectangular box annotation to illustrate objects and train data, enabling algorithms to identify and localize objects during the ML processes.

Polygon Annotation

Expert annotators plot points on each vertex of the target object. Polygon annotation allows all of the object’s exact edges to be annotated, regardless of shape.

Semantic Segmentation

Images are segmented into component parts, by our team, and then annotated. Our Computer Vision experts detect desired objects within images at the pixel level.

Lidar Annotation

Indika AI teams label images and videos in 360-degree visibility, captured by multi-sensor cameras, in order to build accurate, high-quality, ground truth datasets for use cases including autonomous vehicles.

Image Classification

Indika AI’s annotators classify images or objects within images based on custom multi-level taxonomies, including land use, crops, residential property features, among others.

Work with Indika AI

We believe in partnering with your vision to ensure exceptional quality training data.

Client Introduction and Onboarding

Indika AI’s onboarding team comprising of Domain Expert and Solution Architect to connect with client to understand their requirements and arriving at the optimal solution with mutual discussion.

Free POC

Kickstarting the project with a sample batch to understand your requirements and manage expectations. This exercise helps us to assess the talent, technology and time that the project would need.

Team Formulating and Training

We form a dedicated project team having domain understanding and prior experience of working on such projects.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of people, processes, and tools. Standardizing annotation guide and developing structured milestones as well as work execution and quality audit processes.

Feedback and Evaluation

We continuously assess the quality of deliverable through appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes and feedback from client.

Building long term strategic partnership

We believe inbuilding long term strategic partnership with our clients where we can constantly add value through our exceptional quality services.