Research & Content Head


Job Opening

28 August 2021

A.  Summary 

1.  Post: Research & Content Head | Artificial Intelligence

2.  Experience Requirement - 3-5 Years in writing in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing resources. 

3.  Salary: As per industry standard

4.  Location: Mumbai, India (WFH during Covid)

B.  About Indika AI

Indika AI is a global Data Annotation Service company headquartered in Mumbai, India, and working with some of the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies across the world to help them build state-of-the-art AI Models with exceptional-quality training data. 

We provide data collection, cleansing, data annotation, search relevance, Search evaluation, and all such data services. 

Key Highlights

1.    Started in January 2021

2.    Presently a team of ~70 people 

3.    Backed by Top FinTech AI Entrepreneur/ Investor from the United States 

4.    Incubated at/ supported by NVIDIA Inception Program, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups as well as Startup India 

5.    Advisory Board comprising of Data Science/ AI Head of some of the large multinational Corporate Groups 

C.  Requirements:

1.  Available for a full-time WFH job opportunity. 

2.  Preferably from Mumbai or open to relocate to Mumbai. 

3.  Should have experience in writing in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and/or other such emerging technologies. 

4.  Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written

5.  A grammar Nazi with an eye for detail

6.  Preferably someone who has worked with an AI Company or a Media House (news or blogging portal) writing in the field of AI. 

Job Description

1.  Propagate value propositions by researching, writing, and editing engaging copies/collateral for lead generation such as blogs, website content, press releases, emailers, social media accounts, etc. 

2.  Astute market analysis nationally & globally to glean client needs, gaps in our content strategy and recommend new content ideas both in B2B and B2C spaces.

3.  Galvanize marketing campaigns and craft stories by leveraging market information to help sales win over (not against ) our competitors. Yes, let’s up the benchmarks, instead of following 

4.  Be a beacon of analytical thinking, content depth, and art of presentation for a team of Writers via deliverable reviews and constructive feedback in the related areas

5.  Venture beyond writing and be the fulcrum for information across lead management, marketing, internal research, and sales teams.

6.  Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic with data-driven insights to create company awareness globally

Plan, drive, and execute a content strategy that is aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets and achieves business goals.

Conduct rigorous quality checks on every piece of outbound content

Key Skills:

Technical Writing, Content Writing, Blogs Writing, Content Editing, Proofreading.


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