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Indika AI delivers exceptional quality search relevance services tuning up the relevancy of search results.
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What is Search Relevance Services?

The layman understanding of search relevance could be that the search engine should be able to show search results that the customer is looking for. That means if a customer is searching for Cake, the search result should show that. 

However, AI Power Search Relevance Algorithms ascertains the searcher’s intent i.e. why the searcher is searching instead of what ? This helps the search engine to show what the customer wants to see. 

High Quality Search is all about returning relevant results even when the data is changing or poorly structured, or the queries are imprecise. 

Types of Search Relevance Services

Indika AI works with our clients to improve their Search Relevance Capabilities with high-quality training data. 

Our services range from evaluating specific search results, entire search engine result pages, annotating image, video, audio, working on maps

Multimedia Search Evaluation

Pairing accurate multimedia (including images, GIFs, Videos etc.) search results from text queries. The subtle nuances of each image, audio, and video piece require the expertise of our evaluators who leverage their cultural background and linguistic command to identify the best results for each query.

News Feed and Social Media Evaluation

Delivering exceptional news and social media experience to your users worldwide has become very essential. Team Indika works towards making the search results more relevant by training your algorithm with high-quality data. This includes ensuring search engines and social media feeds keep up-to-date, relevant, and credible news information and that social media feeds are compelling and relevant to individual users’ preferences.

Ads Evaluation

Our expert team use machine learning algorithms and human intelligence to evaluate the relevance and quality of the Ads served to users. Our evaluators ensure that both the ad copy and landing pages are relevant to the query, context, and culture. This helps you maintain a quality experience for your users and maximize the performance and effectiveness of campaigns for advertisers.

Adult Search Evaluation

More than 25% of daily internet search traffic relates to adult content. Therefore, providing relevant and accurate search results for these areas is something not to be overlooked. Our adult search evaluations are conducted with the utmost professionalism and maturity to help provide the most relevant results for each query.

Work with Indika AI

We believe in partnering with your vision to ensure exceptional quality training data.

Client Introduction and Onboarding

Indika AI’s onboarding team comprising of Domain Expert and Solution Architect to connect with client to understand their requirements and arriving at the optimal solution with mutual discussion.

Free POC

Kickstarting the project with a sample batch to understand your requirements and manage expectations. This exercise helps us to assess the talent, technology and time that the project would need.

Team Formulating and Training

We form a dedicated project team having domain understanding and prior experience of working on such projects.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of people, processes, and tools. Standardizing annotation guide and developing structured milestones as well as work execution and quality audit processes.

Feedback and Evaluation

We continuously assess the quality of deliverable through appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes and feedback from client.

Building long term strategic partnership

We believe inbuilding long term strategic partnership with our clients where we can constantly add value through our exceptional quality services.