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Indika AI delivers exceptional quality text annotation services powering deployment of AI Models.
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What is Text Annotation?

Text annotation helps Machine Learning models understand text data. Common workflows include sentiment and intent analysis, and entity recognition and classification. During the text annotation process, the data is parsed into the required categories including phrases, sentences, and keywords, based on the guidelines of the project. The annotated datasets train machines to communicate efficiently in the natural language of humans.

Types of Text Annotation Services

Indika AI provides all types of text data annotation services as per the needs of the client. We deliver the highest quality of results across batches and iterations. 

We prefer doing a free sample batch to understand your requirements and expectations, edge cases, time estimates so that we can offer you tailor made solution and best available resources.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis has a broad range of applications, from brand monitoring to market research to analysis of political or legal content. By interpreting text data at scale, organizations can get actionable insights from the diverse and disparate sources of information online. 

Intent Analysis

Indika’s text annotation experts bring the building blocks of NLU together to drive the development of next generation chatbots, digital assistants, and conversational AI products in retail, tech media, finance, and healthcare.

Named Entity Recognition & Entity Classification

By identifying, classifying, and linking relevant text strings, Indika powers innovations in digital document analysis, conversational AI development, and knowledge base curation.

Work with Indika AI

We believe in partnering with your vision to ensure exceptional quality training data.

Client Introduction and Onboarding

Indika AI’s onboarding team comprising of Domain Expert and Solution Architect to connect with client to understand their requirements and arriving at the optimal solution with mutual discussion.

Free POC

Kickstarting the project with a sample batch to understand your requirements and manage expectations. This exercise helps us to assess the talent, technology and time that the project would need.

Team Formulating and Training

We form a dedicated project team having domain understanding and prior experience of working on such projects.

Workflow Customization

Alignment of people, processes, and tools. Standardizing annotation guide and developing structured milestones as well as work execution and quality audit processes.

Feedback and Evaluation

We continuously assess the quality of deliverable through appraisal of key metrics, quality control processes and feedback from client.

Building long term strategic partnership

We believe inbuilding long term strategic partnership with our clients where we can constantly add value through our exceptional quality services.