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Document Management System for Digital Archives. Store, organize and index scanned documents in PDF, JPEG, and TIFF formats. Instantly find relevant information using full text, tags, metadata-based search, and multi-lingual OCR capabilities.


Achieve unparalleled precision in model training with our advanced data labeling platform. Fine-tune LLMs, annotate diverse training data, and validate AI models effortlessly, empowering you with superior control and accuracy throughout the process.


Become part of our expansive network, already featuring a waitlist of over 20,000 professionals and businesses. Together, we're pioneering the future of work through on-demand, AI-augmented opportunities that elevate careers and projects alike.


Overcome AI Roadblocks

Unleash the full potential of AI by addressing critical challenges in data handling and model training with Indika AI's programmatic data solutions and RLHF.


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“Thanks to Indika AI, our call center automation journey reached new heights. Their exceptional support in transcribing and annotating extensive voice datasets across Indian regional languages played a pivotal role in training our Conversational AI. Their expertise is commendable, and we highly recommend them.”

“Partnering with Indika AI for healthcare data curation and LLM fine-tuning has been transformative. Their meticulous approach ensured the accuracy of our patient symptoms checker, while their expertise elevated our clinical decision support system. Would highly recommend it for your AI data solution needs.”

“Accern's AI advancements were accelerated by Indika AI. Their expertise in curating and labeling financial data, and extracting meta-data from financial documents, etc. enriched our insights. A highly recommended partnership for seamless data-driven success”

“We are immensely grateful to Indika AI for their invaluable contribution to preparing training datasets with an active learning AI pipeline for our models at Clear bot. Their expertise has been instrumental in advancing our autonomous, efficient, and self-driving boats, propelling us toward the forefront of marine mobility.”

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