Unlock Digitization and Drive Data-Driven Innovation

Transmute paper records into digital goldmines through advanced OCR and cloud accessibility. Empower data-driven innovation like never before.


A robust set of features

Cloud-Powered Access

Secure, collaborative, and scalable document access via cloud technology.

Multi-User Collaboration

Customizable permissions for seamless teamwork and heightened security.

Multi-Lingual OCR

Extract text from documents in various languages, including Indian languages.

REST API Integration

Effortlessly expand DigiVerse functionalities to match your needs.

Effortless Document Retrieval

Streamlined retrieval using full-text search,tags, and metadata.

Version Control

Meticulously preserved document versions for enhanced traceability.


How does it works

Scan Physical Records

Digitize paper records using advanced scanning technology.

Streamlined Indexing

Organize digitized documents with efficient indexing for quick retrieval.

Meta-Data Tagging

Enhance document categorization using AI-powered meta-data tagging.

Centralized Data Repository

Create a secure central hub for all digital records, accessible anytime.

Fuelling AI Development

Utilize organized data for AI projects, accelerating innovation.

Unlock Insights

Leverage digitized records to drive data-driven insights and decisions.

Elevate Digitization for Dynamic Insights

Embrace the future with seamless digitization powered by advanced OCR and cloud access

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Effortlessly transform paper documents into digital assets.
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Automatically categorize and index data for quick retrieval.
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Leverage AI for precise and efficient document organization.
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Establish a centralized repository for data-driven innovation and AI evolution.
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Accelerate AI projects with organized and accessible data.
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Why Indika AI

Unlocking AI Excellence: Trust Indika AI

What is DigiVerse, and howdoes it work?

DigiVerse is an advanced document management platform that seamlessly transforms physical records into digital assets through cutting-edge OCR technology and cloud accessibility.

How does DigiVerse supportdata-driven innovation?

DigiVerse accelerates datadigitization, smart indexing, and AI-enhanced tagging, creating a centralized repository for data-driven innovation and AI projects.

What are the advantages ofAI-assisted meta-data tagging?

AI-assisted meta-data tagging enhances document organization accuracy, streamlining searches and data retrieval for efficient decision-making.

Can DigiVerse integratewith AI development platforms?

Yes, DigiVerse seamlessly integrateswith AI development platforms, enabling the streamlined utilization oforganized data for AI projects.

What languages does DigiVerse support for Multi-Lingual OCR?

DigiVerse supports a wide range of languages, including Indian regional and major international languages, for efficient text extraction from documents.


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