Dogri Linguist Experts for AI Training & Localization

Dogri Linguist Experts for AI Training & Localization

Drive AI innovation with text analysis, transcription, and localization. Shape the future - Apply Now!

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About the job

At FlexiBench, we invite you to join as a Dogri Linguist Expert and contribute to the evolution of AI applications. Your skills in transcription, translation, and localization will have a significant impact on shaping AI's future. Engage in diverse projects, including:

  • Dogri Text Classification & Annotation: Analyze and categorize textual content to empower AI models.
  • Transcription & Translation of Dogri Speech Datasets: Convert spoken Dogri into precise text for AI-driven applications.
  • Digitization/OCR of Dogri Images/Documents: Transform handwritten and typed Dogri content into digital formats.
  • Software & Gaming App Localization: Customize software interfaces and gaming apps for the Dogri-speaking audience.
  • Search Relevance & Social Media Evaluation: Enhance content relevance for improved search experiences.
  • Content Moderation: Ensure compliance with guidelines for a positive online environment.
  • Generative AI Model Fine Tuning: Utilize your linguistic expertise to refine AI models.

Explore an array of work opportunities, ranging from micro-tasks to extensive projects, tailored to your schedule. Exceptional performers in our training and assessment program will access exclusive project insights. Apply now to contribute your Dogri proficiency to the forefront of AI development.

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Preferred Qualifications:

  • Fluency in Dogri, encompassing transcription, translation, and localization abilities.
  • Familiarity with linguistic intricacies and cultural contexts unique to Dogri communication.
  • Experience in linguistic analysis, content annotation, or language-oriented roles.
  • Detail-oriented mindset and a passion for driving AI advancement.
  • Effective collaboration within interdisciplinary teams and clear communication of linguistic insights.

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Earnings & Duration:

  • Competitive compensation based on your linguistic proficiency.
  • Location: Remote (Global).

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