Healthcare Domain Expert for AI Applications

Healthcare Domain Expert for AI Applications

Drive AI in medical data, image analysis, clinical text mining, drug discovery. Shape the future - Apply Now!

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About the job

Join our team as a Healthcare Domain Expert and contribute to cutting-edge projects in artificial intelligence. Leverage your expertise to enhance AI applications in healthcare, including:

  • Medical Data Annotation & Classification: Annotate medical data to train AI models for diagnosis, treatment, and research.
  • Medical Image Analysis: Collaborate on AI-driven image analysis for accurate diagnoses and disease detection.
  • Clinical Text Mining: Extract valuable insights from clinical texts to improve patient care and research.
  • Drug Discovery Support: Apply your domain knowledge to AI-assisted drug discovery and development.
  • LLM (Large Language Model) Fine-Tuning: Fine-tune AI models for healthcare-specific tasks such as medical text generation, patient interaction, and more.

Participate in groundbreaking work that impacts patient outcomes and advances healthcare technology.

Your experience will contribute to training AI models for better accuracy and reliability, including LLM fine-tuning for domain-specific applications. Apply now to be at the forefront of AI innovation in healthcare.

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Preferred Qualifications:

  • Medical degree or equivalent qualification in healthcare-related disciplines.
  • Experience in medical data analysis, clinical research, or healthcare informatics.
  • Familiarity with medical terminology, coding systems, and industry standards.
  • Strong understanding of data privacy and regulatory requirements in healthcare.
  • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and communicate complex medical concepts effectively.

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Earnings & Duration:

  • Competitive compensation based on experience and expertise.
  • Location: Remote or On-site (Flexible).

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