Enhancing Fashion Virtual Try-Ons with Accurate Apparel Attribute Annotation

Elevating Virtual Shopping: Precision Apparel Annotation Drives Try-On Revolution

Enhancing Fashion Virtual Try-Ons with Accurate Apparel Attribute Annotation

Project Overview

Indika AI collaborates with a renowned fashion tech company to revolutionize the online shopping experience through precise and comprehensive annotation of fashion apparel attributes. The goal is to enable customers to virtually try on outfits, enhancing engagement and informed purchasing decisions.

Client Background

The fashion tech company is a leader in the industry, dedicated to innovating online shopping through immersive virtual try-on features. The client's focus on accurate attribute annotation is pivotal to delivering a personalized and engaging virtual shopping experience.

Business Objectives

To create a robust dataset of accurately annotated fashion apparel attributes, encompassing intricate details like collars, sleeves, necklines, silhouettes, embellishments, and layers. The goal is to empower AI models for virtual try-ons, ensuring customers can assess fit, look, and size accurately.

Challenges Addressed

  • Precision in Annotation: Annotating intricate apparel attributes with minute details demanded domain expertise and attention to fine points.
  • Vast Attribute Variety: With over 400 attribute classes, labeling required meticulous classification for an extensive range of apparel elements.
  • Quality and Consistency: Ensuring high-quality annotations within tight timelines while maintaining consistent labeling across the vast dataset.

Indika AI Solution

Indika AI, a leader in data annotation and AI solutions, partnered with the client to deliver precise and extensive annotation. Leveraging our Data Studio platform for Programmatic Data Labeling, combined with our expert fashion professionals, we embarked on an accurate and efficient annotation journey.


  • Polygon Annotation Expertise: Employed polygon annotation to meticulously delineate attribute shapes, capturing intricate details with exceptional precision.
  • Comprehensive Annotation: Our team classified and labeled a diverse array of attributes, ensuring each segment was accurately represented.
  • Data Studio Advantage: Indika AI's Data Studio platform facilitated programmatic data labeling, resulting in high-quality annotations at 3X the speed.

Results and Impact

  • High-Quality Annotations: Achieved exceptional quality with over 2 lakh+ annotations, providing an accurate training set for AI models. 
  • Speed and Efficiency: Leveraging Data Studio, we achieved 3X faster annotation while maintaining superior quality.
  • Empowered Virtual Try-Ons: The accurately annotated dataset powered AI models for the virtual try-on feature, enabling customers to assess apparel attributes accurately.

Indika AI's commitment to quality, expertise in data annotation, and innovative use of Data Studio propelled the success of accurate fashion apparel attribute annotation. By collaborating with us, the fashion tech company realized its vision of revolutionizing online shopping, enhancing customer satisfaction, and enabling AI-powered virtual try-ons for the ultimate personalized shopping experience.