Optimizing BFSI Call Center Automation through Expert Transcription and Annotation

Revolutionizing BFSI Call Centers: Expert Transcription & AI Excellence

Optimizing BFSI Call Center Automation through Expert Transcription and Annotation

Project Overview

Indika AI collaborates with a leading Voice AI company to enhance call center automation by efficiently transcribing and annotating extensive call recordings across diverse Indian regional languages.

Client Background

The esteemed Voice AI company headquartered in Bangalore, India, specializes in advanced call center automation solutions for global financial institutions.

Business Objectives

Empower financial institutions with cutting-edge AI solutions to streamline call center processes, improve customer interactions, and enhance operational efficiency.

Challenges Addressed

  • Domain Expertise: Transcribing and annotating BFSI conversations in multiple Indian languages required both linguistic proficiency and deep domain expertise.
  • Data-Centric AI: Ensuring high-quality data for accurate AI model training, is essential for successful automation in a BFSI context.
  • Programmatic Data Labeling: Develop a system to intelligently automate data labeling for efficiency and quality, aligning with Indika's commitment to innovation.
  • Data Privacy: Establish stringent data quality measures to ensure privacy and compliance in handling sensitive BFSI information.

Indika AI Solution

Leveraging DataStudio, Indika's proprietary data annotation platform, and combining domain expertise with AI algorithms to deliver exceptional transcription and annotation accuracy.


  • Collaborative Workflow: Collaborated with the client's data team to establish comprehensive guidelines for data preparation, ensuring accuracy and context.
  • Programmatic Transcription: Utilized AI algorithms to perform programmatic transcription, significantly reducing manual effort.
  • Expert Annotation: Indika's linguistic experts and trained annotators ensured contextually accurate and high-quality annotations.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous quality control processes were implemented to meet stringent data quality standards.

Results and Impact

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Successfully transcribed and annotated over 10,000 hours of diverse call recordings, saving substantial time and resources.
  • Dramatic Time Reduction: Achieved 3X faster transcription and annotation through programmatic processes enabled by DataStudio.
  • Improved Model Performance: Recorded a significant 15%+ increase in model accuracy due to enriched and accurately annotated datasets.
  • Elevated Call Center Automation: Enabled the Voice AI company to deliver refined call center automation, boosting customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Future Collaborations

Indika AI continues to work closely with the client to cater to evolving data annotation requirements, reinforcing a strong and enduring partnership.

In the dynamic landscape of AI-powered call center automation, Indika AI stands as a trusted partner, contributing expertise, technology, and innovation to drive impactful results for the Voice AI company and the BFSI sector as a whole.