Revolutionizing Telemedicine Call Center QA with Domain-Specific AI Training

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Revolutionizing Telemedicine Call Center QA with Domain-Specific AI Training

Project Overview

Indika AI collaborates with a leading Voice AI company to redefine call center quality assurance in the telemedicine sector. The partnership involves training AI models with domain-specific medical conversations to enhance call center efficiency and customer experience.

Client Background

The Voice AI company, renowned for its innovative automated call center QA solutions, aimed to transform the telemedicine industry by leveraging AI-driven insights and conversation intelligence.

Business Objectives

Revamp call center quality assurance by eliminating manual and inefficient processes, ensuring comprehensive call review, identifying performance gaps, and enhancing compliance and customer satisfaction.

Challenges Addressed

  1. Domain Expertise: Navigating healthcare conversations across diverse accents, languages, and medical terms required specialized knowledge and linguistic proficiency.
  2. Data Strategy Development: Creating an extensive data strategy to compile a comprehensive list of medical terms, diseases, symptoms, and other relevant healthcare entities.
  3. Conversational Context: Crafting sentences in conversational English that mirror real-world caller interactions, considering language nuances and caller behaviors.
  4. Data Volume and Quality: Managing a large-scale dataset of 40,000+ sentences recorded by a diverse team of 1000+ data volunteers, ensuring accurate transcriptions and annotations.

Indika AI Solution

Partnering with the Voice AI company as a training partner, Indika AI delivers a multi-faceted solution encompassing data strategy, linguistic expertise, programmatic validation, and domain-specific AI model training.


  1. Data Strategy Development: Collaborated with medical data experts to curate a corpus of 40,000+ domain-specific medical terms.
  2. Conversational Hinglish Generation: Crafted sentences around medical terms in conversational Hinglish, aligning with real-world caller interactions.
  3. Diverse Voice Dataset Collection: Engaged a diverse team of 1000+ data volunteers across India to record sentences, obtaining necessary consent.
  4. Data Validation and Quality Assurance: Utilized DataStudio platform for programmatic validation, coupled with expert Quality Control (QC) Associate review.

Results and Impact

  •  Comprehensive Medical Corpus: Successfully curated a dataset of 40,000+ sentences covering diverse medical terms and scenarios.
  •  Realistic Conversational Dataset: Crafted sentences that mirror authentic caller interactions, contributing to accurate AI model training.
  • Enhanced Call Center Efficiency: The AI-driven QA solution empowered the telemedicine company with efficient call analysis, performance assessment, and compliance tracking.
  •  Continued Collaboration: The success of the project solidified the partnership, and Indika AI continues to support the Voice AI company's innovation journey.

In the realm of telemedicine, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Indika AI's domain expertise and data-driven AI training propel the Voice AI company's call center QA solution to new heights of excellence, redefining healthcare interactions and outcomes.