Dr. Ashish Mehra
Dr. Ashish Mehra

Dr. Ashish Mehra

Product Leader & Tech VC

Accomplished entrepreneur & AI advisor at Indika AI, shaping innovation & AI solutions across sectors.


Dr. Ashish Mehra is an accomplished entrepreneur and product leader with over 25 years of experience in business and engineering leadership, product management, innovation, and software development. As an esteemed advisor at Indika AI, he brings invaluable expertise in AI technologies and data-driven solutions.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mehra has demonstrated a keen understanding of startups and their unique challenges, excelling in market research, lean startup methodologies, product-market fit, and fundraising. He possesses a burning passion for delivering exceptional user experiences and customer success through engaging products and services.

With a background in diverse technology domains, including storage and file systems, software-defined infrastructure, AI, and machine learning, Dr. Mehra has played a pivotal role in driving innovations and business success for both venture-funded startups and established public companies.

As a trusted mentor and leader, he excels in team building and alignment, fostering collaboration, and engaging cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality, large-scale projects. Dr. Mehra's track record of delivering outstanding outcomes for Fortune 500 customers and major partners further showcases his customer-centric approach and ability to create lasting impact.

Dr. Mehra's contributions extend beyond the corporate world, as he actively participates in initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, providing mentorship and guidance to early-stage startups.

His academic achievements include a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan, where he also earned a Master of Science and Engineering in the same field.

With a remarkable portfolio of 3 U.S. patents, 6 invention disclosures, and 20+ published papers in reputed technical conferences and journals, Dr. Mehra's expertise and thought leadership continue to shape the future of AI-driven solutions.

As an essential member of Indika AI's advisory team, Dr. Ashish Mehra contributes his vast experience and knowledge to propel the company's mission of driving innovation and transformative AI solutions across industries.